Birthday Cake 生日蛋糕

Type: Squishy

简单柔和的颜色强烈推荐作为室内装饰使用!您还可以享受蛋糕蓬松有韧性的质感。 ✨✨✨


This stylish birthday cake is based on the Korean Birthday Cake "Saengil Cake" that is well seen on SNS these days!
The simple pastel color is recommended for interior decoration! You can also enjoy the fluffy and chewy texture of the cake. ✨✨✨
Write a message on the side of the package, make it a perfect birthday gift 💕!
Colorful gradation, cute pink, elegant ice blue, which color is your favorite?

●All 3 type / scent
•Fav Pink / strawberry scent
•Fav Blue / cotton candy scent
•Rainbow Cake / vanilla scent